Ready-made content for social media that isn’t generic? Yes, please.

We’ve been in the social media game for a long time now. While we’re not a fan of ready-made content for blog posts (because, well, SEO issues galore), we are a fan of ready-made content for social media. We’ll explain the benefits of ready-made content for social AND introduce our latest product offering called Content a la mode. 



Our new ready-made content service is called Content a la mode


Our content is all SEO-driven to help your website move up in search


Our ready-made content is easy to customize with your logo and business information


Simply Pick, Click, and Sip that coffee, knowing your social media is quality and done!

Our new ready-made content service is called Content a la mode

A Cup of Content is now offering a new ready-made content platform we’re dubbing “Content a la mode”, which is the name of our LLC. (See what we did there?)

We have an expansive library of content ready to go, and each month we’ll be adding new posts to that library. They’ll include posts like:

  • Industry-specific posts that pertain to sales seasons and are SEO driven
  • Seasonal posts (holidays, etc.)
  • Quote posts
  • and more!

So what should you look for in a done-for-you content platform like Content a la mode?

What to look for in good social media ready-made content

1.  SEO-driven content to boost your ranking in search

At A Cup of Content, we create all of our social media posts with the primary purpose of driving traffic to our website and increasing our (and our clients’!) SEO (search engine optimization) ranking. It’s not a matter of just throwing something out there–it’s strategically planned content to drive traffic and convert sales.

2. Ready-made content that’s easy to customize

Our ready-made social media posts are completely customizable! You can edit our posts to include your business’s name, phone number, website, etc. You can even remove sentences and/or add your own. The photos are included, but you are welcome to use your own photos to completely customize the content for your business’s specific purposes!

3. Ready-made content that works on any social media channel

Our done-for-you social media content can be used on any social media channel! Use it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, your Google Listing, LinkedIn Company pages, Pinterest, and more!

4. Ready-made content that’s organized

There is nothing worse than sifting through oodles of social media content that is NOT organized! We have taken the time to categorize all of our content so that you can easily find what you’re looking for within our scheduling platform.

5. Ready-made content that’s easy to schedule

This is the most important component! If you don’t want to have to download and copy/paste a bunch of content just to upload it to a scheduling platform–we have you covered! Our ready-made content service comes with its own scheduling platform, complete with reports, a Social Inbox, and an updated library of social media content for your industry! We upload the content, you customize it and drag it to the calendar to schedule it! Simply pick, click, and sip that coffee, knowing you’re done and it was EASY.

Add the following to our scheduling platform:

  • Facebook (profiles, pages, groups)
  • Instagram (business pages)
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn (profiles and business pages)
  • YouTube
  • Google My Business

What are you waiting for?

Content a la mode is affordable, too! Learn more about our ready-made content service–it’s just $44/month, cancel at any time!