Meet the Content Experts

We are the Content Experts.

Content a la mode’s Content Experts are seasoned writers who have been trained in content writing and SEO (search engine optimization). With a master’s in English, Technical Writing, and Creative Writing; a bachelor’s in English, and a bachelor’s in Journalism, we have a significant experience in writing.

Over at A Cup of Content…

We create emails, ghost write blogs, and write a whole lot of social media. We also develop websites and write content for websites–both ecommerce and non-ecommerce alike. We know what doesn’t work, and we constantly hone what does work.

Kim Bultsma

Kim Bultsma

Chief Content Expert

Kim runs the show around here. She also runs a lot of other shows, so we typically give her a hard time about her MBD–Multiple Brand Disorder. She founded Content a la mode in 2014, started A Cup of Content in 2016, and now owns Bold Press. You can find her crewing her fella Cory at ultra marathons, enjoying a glass of n/a beer while camping, or drinking copious amounts of coffee. She likes to bike and hike and run, too.