Website Development Services

We work with many websites–from complete WordPress development to updating websites for our clients in Magento, SquareSpace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, and others.

You need a website that’s not only aesthetic but mobile responsive and gets your business found.

And doesn’t drain your bank account, either.

We have an extensive background in WordPress themed websites. Our approach to WordPress is that you, the client, should be in control of your website. We make sure that you are always able to perform updates to your WordPress website by using best practices if customization is required. Any professional plugins, etc. are purchased with your account so that you are able to keep your plugins up-to-date and your website running at an optimum level.

Website Services

Starting from scratch? No problem. We have experience in helping you develop SEO-optimized content for your new website that is organic and unique with no worry about duplicate content. All images and graphics for your new WordPress website are of the highest quality and for commercial use. We even walk you through the process of proper menu structure and hierarchy, making your website understandable by your intended audience and accomplishing your content needs.

Don’t know how to use WordPress? We have that covered, too. You’ll receive 2 hours of training for those users who will be responsible for updating the website, broken into 2 separate sessions to allow you learn, work on the website, and then ask questions.

We work closely with your business to identify your specific needs, your goals, and your unique voice and brand.

Cost: Varies.


Since every website has different needs, pricing varies. What follows is a starting point; contact us for more specific pricing information pertaining to your needs!

$764 website.

Don’t have a website, or just have a 1-2 page website and want to freshen it up? This might be for you! Click here for more information. Here are some examples of what we’ve done at this price point:

  • Past Present Pix. Marci is a professional photo organizer in New York who needed a website for her business. She’s been busy adding individual services pages and blogging since we built her site in 2017,
  • Candlelight Lounge. The Candlelight Lounge never had a website until this one! Owner Travis Saint was in the process of getting a new menu, so we just used photos of his current menu in the interim. Tim Perry Photography took all the images!
  • sum&substance. Niki Mahoney is an accountant who was looking for a beginning presence for her new business. She’s already begun to add her own individual services pages beyond what we created for her.
  • Dr. John A. Johnson. Dr. Johnson was simply looking for website presence as he grows his IT executive coaching business.

$1,549 non-eCommerce website.

This beginning price range is for those businesses who 1) have an established website with approximately 10 pages and are looking to move to a new WordPress theme (or WordPress as a whole), or 2) want a new website with an extensive services setup. Contact us for specific pricing. Here are some examples of what we’ve done:

  • GOATz. We moved the GOATz website from Weebly to WordPress, giving it a custom redesign and creating an intricate system for each of their trail race pages. We incorporated their email marketing as well!
  • The Print Refinery. This website is for IPI’s photofinishing licensing platform. We were able to embed a JotForm as well as create a search for other Print Refinery locations.
  • Playing with Fire. We moved PwF from an old, clunky WordPress theme to this awesome work of art that really exemplifies what PwF stands for. We have gone through two redesigns of their site since we began working with them several years ago. Check out the sub-menus when looking at the Midtown Crossing concerts!
  • Creative Structures. We designed this website in 2018 and continue to add new pages to the website. Watch for eCommerce coming in 2019!
  • Tails ‘n Trails. We moved the Tails ‘n Trails website from Squarespace to WordPress. We’re proud to sponsor them, too!
  • Living Beautifully Spa. We moved Jessica’s website from Wix to this gorgeous WordPress website that, in our opinion, really expresses her tagline: The Beauty is YOU. This website includes an embedded appointment scheduler as well!
  • Tim Perry Photography. We completely recreated Tim’s website from a simple 3-page Smugmug website into a multi-service and portfolio WordPress website. We wrote all content on the website, have written several blog posts for him, and we also run his social media. Tim would love to give you a testimonial about our services, too! Update: we are currently redesigning Tim’s website!
  • $2,499 eCommerce website. This beginning price range is for businesses who need an eCommerce website and have approximately 50 products. Pricing increases with more products. It’s important that you have a spreadsheet of your products to make this process easier and more cost efficient. Contact us for specific pricing.
  • $2,999 Membership website. Want to create a membership-based website? We have experience in that, too! Contact us for specific pricing.

Other Website services

Check out what else we can help you with!

Website updates.

Need help with your Shopify website? Have a Magento e-commerce website that needs some attention? Already have a WordPress site but don’t have the time to make changes? No problem! These types of updates fall under our hourly rate, which is locating under our Consulting Services!

Hosting and email.

Need hosting? Our hosting starts at $165/year and includes nightly backups and reliable up-time and includes your SSL certificate. We also have Google Apps for Business available for your email needs, starting at $60 per email account per year. Contact us for more information about your specific needs!

We’re ready when you are! Your deliciously written content is right around the corner.