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Wait–a $599 website?

You read that right! If you currently don’t have a website or have a very simple (1-3 page) website and are looking to make a change, then our $599 affordable website might be what you’ve been looking for!

First, let’s be realistic. In order to offer a $599 website, we have to have a few stipulations. They aren’t terrible, but we need to keep this project affordable for you and time conscious for us. So let’s get started!

What’s included in the $599 affordable website:

  • A 5 (five) page WordPress website. We work primarily in WordPress because it’s easier for you–the owner–to make adjustments to after we’ve handed over your new website. If you want more pages, you can always add them yourself after the website has been completed–we’ll teach you how in the training! But for this particular promotion, you will receive the following pages ONLY with this website plan:
    1. Homepage with slider
    2. About page
    3. Services page
    4. Blog page
    5. Contact page
  • 1 year of hosting with cp3o. We don’t use just any hosting–and neither should you. cp3o’s hosting is fast, reliable, and you receive DAILY backups of your website. If something goes wrong, if you accidentally “break” something, cp3o can reestablish your website within minutes. Does any “budget” hosting provider offer this benefit with their hosting? No. And to renew with cp3o’s hosting service is just $180/year (that breaks down to $15/month). Knowing your website is safe, knowing you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars if something goes wrong–$15 a month is definitely worth every dollar.
  • SEO ready. Using the keywords you provide, we will set up your basic, organic SEO. We’ll train you on how to further your own organic SEO as part of your training.
  • 1 hour of training on your new WordPress website. Whether it be via Skype or face-to-face, we want to make sure you know how to use your new website! You’ll want all stakeholders in your business who will be involved with updating your website present. Need more training? We can conduct future 1-hour trainings for $60.
  • Access to a video database of basic tutorials for using WordPress. We’ve covered the basics of WordPress in our video tutorials–so you always have a resource to look at in case you forget!

What you’re responsible for:

  • Content. You need to provide the content for each of the 5 pages.
  • List of 6-10 keywords/keyword phrases so we can establish an organic baseline SEO for your website.
  • Any photos you have. We do include stock photography, but we’d prefer to use what you have if it’s of high quality. Need a photographer? If you’re in the local Omaha area, we recommend Tim Perry Photography.
  • Your logo. Don’t have one? We can help!
  • List of your services. You can get as detailed as you want–but remember, you have to supply the content. We would suggest that you include a 1-2 sentence description for each service you want to list.
  • List of your social media addresses (i.e.
  • Email marketing. If you have email marketing, we will include a call-to-action newsletter signup in the footer and sidebars of your website.
  • Purchasing your own domain. If you haven’t bought a domain yet, don’t worry! We will walk you through how to purchase one. They typically cost $10-$15/year.

What’s NOT included:

  • Separate pages for your services. You will be able to build those once the website has been handed over to you!
  • Content writing. We’ll help you edit what you have, but the $599 website does not include content writing. While we will make some basic edits (we might have a Master’s in English in the house!), a website for $599 can’t possibly include content writing.
  • A custom design. If you’re looking for elaborate design, a lot of bells and whistles (like scheduling capabilities or detailed form creation, for example), then please consider our other website options. We won’t design a boring site, but we aren’t designing a custom site for $599.
  • Moving your current, detailed website over to a new theme. We do offer that service, but we’d prefer to discuss your needs over a cup of coffee so we can establish how much content needs to be transferred. These websites typically start at $1,549.
  • eCommerce websites. Those are a lot of work–we can create those, but not for $599. Contact us if this is something you’re interested in. These websites typically start at $2,999.
  • Logo design. If you don’t have one, we can help but it’s an additional fee.


We figured you’d want to see some examples! Check out these websites:

  • Candlelight Lounge. The Candlelight is an Omaha staple and had never had a website. Owner Travis knew that having a website is important, so he took advantage of our $599 website offering. We contracted out with Tim Perry Photography for the interior photos, too!
  • Cindi Jeffrey, Wellness Warrior. Cindi had a free WordPress website before, and since she doesn’t have products or services available on this website (she has a micro-site for that), we moved her blog posts to this website. We also created a logo for her as well. Cindi has been hard at work customizing her site, too, so we won’t take credit for all the additions.
  • sum&substance. They have already been hard at work building out their individual services pages, too! But remember–those aren’t included in the $599 website. All of the images on this website are stock images–we worked with this client in choosing appropriate images that best reflect their business.
  • Dr. John A. Johnson. Dr. Johnson has also built out sub-pages beyond his main Process page (or Services page).

Ready to get a new website?

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