Social Media Marketing (SMM), like SEO, is a constantly changing. As it stands right now, the largest growing demographic on Facebook is 55 and older. (All those grandparents have realized that if they want to see photos of their grandkids, they better get a Facebook account!) But Facebook is also becoming one of the toughest social channels for businesses to be heard on, especially for businesses who constantly try to sell to their fan base.

But next week there might be a new social channel the world is jumping to.

Our approach to Social Media Marketing is more Social Media Optimization

We look at social media marketing as a relationship-building tool first and an advertising tool second. As a matter of fact, we only work with businesses who view social media marketing in this same light. Social media marketing should be an extension of the great customer service businesses should already be providing in their storefronts.

When you decide to work with Content a la mode for your Omaha social media marketing, we will sit down and look at your company’s mission and vision, what kind of people your customers are, and how you want your business to be portrayed online. We will establish how you can become a thought leader in your industry, the “go-to” business for your customers’ needs. Content a la mode will become one with your branding to ensure the correct voice is used in your social media marketing. We will establish a strategy that encompasses your storefront, website, blog, and more. Most importantly, we will make sure you are only on the social channels that will help you grow your brand and turn those likes and follows into buying customers.

This process takes time.

Which is why we focus more on social media as an optimization tool than one for ROI. We could get into a long rant about the difference between advertising and marketing, but we’ll save that for a blog post. 🙂 Instead, we recommend that businesses look at social media as a tool for SEO and branding instead. Confused? Contact us…we enjoy coffee meetings!

What we offer

Social Media Implementation

Don’t have the resources in house to implement a strategy? We can do that for you. In fact, it’s one of our favorite jobs! We will not only help develop the above social media strategy, but we can also implement it as if we were in house! Our Social Managers can do just that—they will manage your social media, write content, create simple graphics, and interact with your customers. Don’t worry—if they can’t answer a question your customer has asked, they will refer to you for the answers. You will have to give us some great insight into your company, though, so expect to provide us with some clarifying information as we move along the process.

Why just one plan? We’ve been in this business long enough to know that social media by itself, while important, takes a long time to grow organically. Your fastest way to organically move up in search is to incorporate bigger content pieces that seamlessly work together toward the common goal of SEO using SMO (social media optimization). We do have smaller plans available, but we’d rather chat with you in person about your specific social media management needs.

  • $949/month: Social media for presence and aid in SEO combined with blogging and email marketing. Your business needs to have the following: a website, a Google listing, a Bing Places listing, Facebook Business page, Twitter account for your business, Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, and an ESP (Email Service Provider). We can help you set up these accounts if you don’t already have them! Your business also needs to supply a basis for content, such as product images, employee information (if applicable), etc. This plan also includes 2 blog posts (300-500 word original blog posts that are keyword-driven about your business/product/service.), and 1 email newsletter via your ESP (Email Service Provider, such as MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, ActiveCampaign, etc.). The blog posts and email newsletters are interchangeable (you can choose 1 blog post and 2 email newsletters, for example). Video options are available with this plan–please contact us for more information. The client is responsible for all fees associated with the ESP (i.e. monthly payments to ESP occur directly between you and the ESP so that you own your email list).
    • The social media plan is intended to:
      • Drive traffic to your website to aid in organic SEO
      • Grow your online presence, with a goal of being consistent
      • Include a majority of original posts (not just sharing other people’s posts) with weekly posts pointed at specific links on your website
      • Share 4-5 posts/week across the board (always on Facebook, Twitter, and GooglePlus; posts as necessary for Instagram, LinkedIn Company Pages, and Pinterest)
      • Be keyword driven
      • Grow your following with people who would most likely buy from your business
    • A blog post:
      • Is shared on social media and can help drive some of your social media posts
      • Includes graphics (whether stock or supplied by business)
      • Is keyword-focused and SEO ready
      • Isupdated to your WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix website provided logins are supplied
    • An email newsletter:
      • Includes 3-4 key items, such as a reference/link to one of your blog posts, an industry-related tip as agreed upon, a product/service spotlight, event information, etc.
      • Will be sent to your list on your ESP (we can help you establish your ESP if you don’t already have one)
      • Will be shared on Facebook and Twitter and mentioned on Google Plus, LinkedIn, BeBee, and Instagram

Strategic Social Ad Campaigns

If you are looking at strategic campaigns for social media that include paid ads, we offer that as well. We charge a $75 setup fee per ad, which is in addition to your ad budget. For Facebook and Instagram, you will be required to have a account so that your business is billed directly for the ads. For Twitter and Pinterest, you will need a business account for each with your billing information established within each platform. We can assist in this process if necessary.


Perhaps you just need some insight on what you’re already doing or advice on what you should be doing. We offer consulting services for $125/hour.