Photography and Video in Omaha

We live in an incredibly visual society. Even if you don’t offer a visual product, it’s still possible to share visual content through photography and video!


Looking for some photography of your business, products, and services? We offer photography services, where we come onsite to capture what you need.

Fact: In just an hour we can capture enough photography to use for one month of social media posts.

You’ll receive high resolution imagery to use without limitation—no watermarks, light editing. Share it as your own—we won’t mind. But if someone asks, please give them our card. 🙂


  • David M. Mangelsen’s. We can easily capture a solid month’s worth of posts that can be used for their social media, email marketing, and more in just one hour a month.
  • Tat’z Nail’z. Tat’z Nail’z was able to use our pre-paid billable hours service to capture on-location photography for them as they needed it. We also provided them with some product photography as well.

Video Services.

Video is THE way to get exposure for your business. If you can say something about a product or service you offer in 15 seconds, you can build a library of shareable videos that will get your customers in the door and looking for more.

Fact: You can build a following on Instagram, YouTube, Vine, and Pinterest with simple video.

We help you keep your video timeless so it’s shareable for days, months, and years to come. And we have talent to speak on camera when you don’t want to!

Cost: Call for pricing, or use our Consulting Services (pre-paid billable hours) to use it when you need it. Like some of our other services, photography and video is dependent on a few variables—in this case, frequency, shooting length, and editing time. It doesn’t cost anything to ask!