About Content a la mode

Content a la mode is me, Kim Bultsma, and what I want to be when I grow up.

I’ve always wanted a job where I could do what I love—writing—and help people at the same time. So I created a company where I could do just that.

Content a la mode is about helping businesses with their online presence—both on their websites and in social media and more using content writing. We offer affordable search engine optimized content that focuses on you, the way your potential customers search for your products and services, and how search engines combine that information to obtain results. We can write content for websites that aid in organic searches through content and context. Not a writer? We can blog for you in a voice that emulates how you want your business to be presented. And we can even help you develop a social media strategy and execute it if you don’t have the resources (or, let’s face it, the time) in house.

Content a la mode can help with even more of your content marketing. We can aide in video production. We know talented, affordable graphic designers who can help with branding. We have connections for more inclusive web development beyond WordPress.

I think it’s important for businesses to focus on what they can do well and depend on others to help with what they can’t. I practice what I preach–I can’t do everything and be good at all of it. I know–I’ve tried and failed miserably at it. So I have vowed to practice the mantra of collaborating with other businesses, too, to offer you the most comprehensive services I possibly can.

kim bultsma