new year business resolution

Happy New Year! While most people are starting the new year with resolutions, we thought it might be important to consider those business items to change for the new year!

1. Copyright

We see lots of websites that are still stuck on 2013 or, worse yet, even older. Don’t be stuck in the past–let your website’s audience know that you update your website frequently. Having the wrong copyright on your website can send a message to your audience that you don’t update it, therefore the information might be incorrect or outdated. Most copyright information is located in the footer of your website.

*Note: This is a great time to make sure your copyright is correct on your email marketing! Many email marketing services automatically update it, but some business incorporate their copyright into a graphic in the footer. Whatever method you use, be sure to double check for an updated copyright!

2. Hours

Coming off of the holiday season, don’t forget to update your website’s hours to the new year. Nothing is more irritating to a customer who reads on your website that you’re open on Sundays…and then shows up to a closed business. Hours can be located in many places on a website–your About page, the footer, and so on.

*Note: This is a great time to update the hours on your social media channels as well! Facebook allows for you to show your hours, as does your Google Local Listing. Check all of your social channels to make sure your hours are up to date!

3. Social Media cover photos

If you have a tired photo that’s still from the summer, it’s time to update! There are many sources for new photography if you don’t have any of your own, like pay-for stock image sites Adobe StockiStock, and ShutterStock, to name a few.

If you are looking for less expensive (i.e. free), you can try Stock Free Images or MorgueFile or Pexels. Sometimes, however, you “pay” for what you get!

*Note: Using Google to find your images is NOT recommended. In fact, it’s illegal to use someone else’s photos and graphics without permission. It’s best to purchase them or capture the photos yourself!

4. Bio updates

What do you do? What do you offer? Can you sum up your business is 140 characters? Be sure that all of your online marketing pieces have a bio that is searchable. How can you do that? Think about how potential customers would search for the products and services that you offer and incorporate that into your bio. Update those bios on Facebook, GooglePlus/Google Local, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, and, of course, your website! Need help? Call us…that’s what we do!

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